Higos - Insurance Broker Achieves Chartered Status

We are proud to hold Chartered Status, awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Our Chartered Status sends an important message to our current and future clients. A public commitment to aligned ethics and values, providing you with knowledgeable advice backed up by qualifications and continued professional development.

By choosing Chartered, you are choosing a business that has reached an objective standard of technical knowledge and conduct, a business that will follow good practice and ensure their skills are up to date with market standards.

Higos is now part of a select minority who have been recognised in this way and who believe in improving their service to better serve customers.

Higos Insurance Services, Managing Director

Why Choose a Chartered Insurance Broker

By choosing a Chartered Insurance broker, you can be confident that they have reached a high standard of technical knowledge and behaviour. The CII sets the bar, and Higos has met it.

At Higos, we will recommend products and services to customers based on their worth, superior quality, and functionality.

Higos is committed to professional standards, accountability and will always strive to improve for our customers.


Chartered Insurance Broker In Name and Deeds

This is much more than a badge of honour. In order to maintain our Chartered Status, we remain 100% committed to:

  • follow best practices and ensure our skills are up to date with market standards & values
  • our public commitment to professionalism
  • maintain standards of excellence in qualifications, ethics, business practices and professional development
  • work tirelessly to exceed minimum standards alongside building trust and credibility with current and future customers
  • be dedicated to ethical and fair competition

Standards, Professionalism, Trust

It’s not just customers who benefit from chartered status, Higos are committed to developing their staff to achieve their full potential.

Higos have now made a public statement of our commitment to professional standards within all our business dealings. This involves adherence to a broader ethical code which embodies fairness, the highest standards of service, acting in the best interests of every Client and treating people fairly, regardless of age, disability, gender, sex, race, religion or beliefs.

We will continue to invest in the ongoing development of staff and support wider initiatives that benefit society and the communities within which we operate, and always with a customer-first approach.

Sian Fisher, chief executive of the CII, said:

“By achieving Chartered status, Higos Insurance Services has publicly committed to a customer-centric approach. We praise Higos for showing commitment to the Chartered ethos.”

UK Insurance Broker Giving Expert Advice For Customers

If you want to receive expert advice, be treated as an individual, and have confidence that the advice you receive is 100% in your best interests, then choose a Chartered Insurance broker.  Higos will continue to make the investment in order to ensure that all staff have the necessary knowledge, access to market and above all else, professional capability. This means that customers can be confident that they will receive fit for purpose products at fit for purpose pricing, delivered by a Broker who is committed to the highest level of professional standards.

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