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As financial service professionals, you may well already provide your clients with life, pension and investment solutions. However, you could enhance your service and add value to your bottom line, by offering a range of related general insurance products.

Mortgage advisors will already be aware of the benefits of adding buildings and contents cover to the mortgage solution. However, just consider:

  • How many clients take more than one foreign holiday each year?
  • How many households have more than one car?
  • How many have adequate accident and sickness cover for their mortgage?
  • How many are self employed, or run their own companies?

We offer a wide range of general insurance products, from home and car insurance for our personal clients to liability and indemnity cover for businesses. We work closely with a number of leading insurers, ensuring your clients will get excellent cover at a competitive price.

For a small amount of extra administration, you could generate further income and offer more to your clients. For more details, or to discuss setting up an agency, please contact our agency team.

Note: Please read the Agency Guidelines - these show what you will (and will not) be able to do under your relationship with Higos