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Agency Guidelines

These guidelines reflect FCA Regulation of what an Appointed Representative, an FCA directly regulated member, and a member of an approved 'network' can do under their relationship with Higos.

Introducer Appointed Representatives can:
  • Introduce a Client
  • Obtain details of a Client (e.g. name, address & contact details)
  • Provide marketing literature
  • Display leaflets
  • Arrange an interview
but cannot:
  • Explain a type of insurance cover
  • Advise or sell
  • Collect a premium
  • Complete proposal forms or collect information (other than contact details)
FCA Directly Regulated Principals (with appropriate permissions) can:
  • Choose to act on either an advising or introducing basis (where advising they are responsible to the FCA for the advice given)
  • Use more than one provider
  • Collect the premium (client trust account required)
Approved Network Members can:
  • Act as prescribed by their network for Insurance Mediation activities
  • Receive commissions, both new and renewals, usually via their network