Agency Guidelines

As one of our Agents you’ll need to follow guidelines that reflect FCA Regulations. These govern how you must act under the terms of your relationship with us.

Introducer Appointed Representatives


  • Introduce a customer
  • Obtain details of a customer (e.g. name, address, contact details)
  • Provide marketing literature
  • Display leaflets
  • Arrange an interview

But cannot:

  • Explain a type of insurance cover
  • Advise or sell
  • Collect the premium
  • Complete proposal forms or collect information (other than contact details)

Appointed Representatives


Act on our behalf, with regard to general insurance activities, on products where they are authorised. On products where they are not authorised they may only act as an introducer.

But cannot:

  • Use more than one provider for a product (e.g. Motor insurance)
  • Collect the premium (bank monies on our behalf)

FCA Directly Regulated Principals (with appropriate permissions)

Can choose to act on either an advising or introducing basis (where advising they are responsible to the FCA for the advice given) and use more than one provider to collect the premium (client trust account required).

Approved Network Members

Can act as prescribed by their network for insurance mediation activities and receive commissions, both new and renewal, usually via their network.


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