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Tips to keep your family home safe this Christmas


Tips to keep your family home safe this Christmas
During the festive period our homes are adorned with beautiful decorations, twinkling lights and various gifts. The last thing on our minds during this season is the danger we could be causing; use our tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday:

Get covered

Although home insurance isn’t a legal necessity, it’s worth investing in! Christmas is a prime time for burglars and you should consider covering yourself in case the worst happens. 

Keep presents out of view

However tempting it might be to have a mound of presents under the Christmas tree, if this is visible from a window or door, it’s a beacon to burglars of where to hit you the hardest. 

Avoid Social Media

Posting photos of Christmas parties, Christmas markets and other trips away from the house gives thieves a fantastic opportunity to visit your home while no one is there. Likewise – posting photos of the beautiful expensive gifts you’ve received gives thieves an inventory of what they might find in your home and more of a reason to visit. 

Make the house look lived in

If you do leave the house during the Christmas period – leave lights on, or use a lights timer. Ask neighbours to keep an eye on your property or leave a car in your driveway so it looks as though you’re home. 

Make sure your Christmas lights are safe

All of the Christmas lights you use should carry the British Safety Standard logo and it is a recommendation to use low voltage LED lights on your tree (and water real trees regularly to avoid dry branches), which will help reduce the risk of your tree catching fire. 

Hide present packaging

Leaving boxes and packaging obviously outside is another beacon to criminals of what you’ve bought and is likely to be in your home. Rip up boxes and be as discreet as possible. 

Check doors and windows

Make sure all of your locks are working correctly and that all doors and windows are securely locked. You can also look into upgrading your locks or adding extra security measures. 

Make prior arrangements for parcels if you won’t be in

Leaving notes on your door for a courier to say where to leave a parcel is an open invitation for a burglar to know you’re not at home. 
If you would like to invest in home insurance this Christmas to protect your family home, Higos insurance Services have access to a number of products from leading insurers, enabling us to make sure your needs are catered for and your possessions are properly protected. High Net Worth home insurance products cater for art, antiques and jewellery collections, offering a personal service and full support in the event of any claims.

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