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Help Is At Hand To Meet Your Legislation Requirements


If your business owns certain types of plant and machinery it puts you underlegal obligation to make sure that its safe to use and fit for purpose.

Engineering inspection cover can ensure that you fulfil these requirements. However, this vital area of cover is often neglected because of confusion about the legislation and frequency of inspections. Are you fully aware which of our items need to be inspected and do you know who needs to carry out the inspection in order to satisfy the legislation ? Most businesses who own lifting plant are aware that annual or six monthly inspections are required. Keeping on top of this inspection cycle, plus changes to legislation and inspection frequency can be difficult when you have a business to run. There is also a wide range of equipment that must be examined by a competent person in order to satisfy the health and safety legislation. Examples of equipment include steam boilers, local exhaust ventilation and certain refrigeration devices. Being capable of operating the equipment does not mean that you are competent to warrant its safety in the eyes of the law. Small business premises such as catering establishments, offices and light industrial units often have equipment in the above categories which can easily be overlooked, thus exposing the owners to the possibility of heavy fines or even imprisonment. Higos Insurance Services can remove the headache of having to remember and arrange individual inspections on numerous items at varying intervals. Higos will arrange inspections for you with a leading provider to ensure compliance with inspection legislation relevant to your business. We understand how confusing legislation can be, so we have experts on hand who can offer you the cover you require and the advice you need, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. In addition to engineering inspection cover, Higos also provides cover for a number of other areas which are typically excluded from a normal commercial policy, such as electrical or mechanical breakdown and the explosion of pressure plant. Contact Higos today on 01749 834 500 for further details.

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