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How long does it take to thatch a roof?


How long does it take to thatch a roof?

Thatch is a natural material often used on roofs across a variety of properties, from houses and cottages to barns and businesses. 

Thatched roofs are installed predominantly using water reed, wheat reed or long straw. It is the most labour-intensive and time-consuming material to apply. 
Prior to a job, a roof thatcher will assess the size of the roof and the work that would need to be carried out in order to estimate how long a specific job will take. 
Every thatch job varies in timescale depending on the shape and size of the roof to be thatched. Larger properties will take longer which will also be reflected in the price. While size and scale of a job is a key factor to consider when quoting, there are many other factors that will affect the length of time for thatching or rethatching a roof. 
Thatch jobs vary in complexity depending on additional work needed, which can include:
  • removal of old thatch
  • rewiring of either part of the roof or the whole roof
  • re-ridging and the type of ridge to be applied – plain or patterned
Another factor that must be taken into consideration is how long thatchers are allowed on site throughout the day by the property owners. Some thatchers can work long hours each day to enable them to complete the work faster, however if the property owner only allows them to work between set hours in the day, this will increase the time it will take to install the new thatched roof.

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The amount of roof thatchers per job will also have an effect – the more labourers on site, the faster the job will be completed. 

The average sized thatched house or thatched cottage (around 1000sq ft) could take 2-3 thatchers around one month to complete if all aspects go to plan. 
One uncontrollable factor that could delay the process is adverse weather conditions. Where required, heavy duty tarpaulin is used to cover the roof and keep it dry whilst work is in progress. While it is possible for thatchers to work in the rain, it is not advisable to continue through heavy rain, which could result in the installation being delayed. 

In the event of any damage caused to the roof while thatching, it is essential to ensure your property is fully covered. Our dedicated thatch team have many years' experience looking after thatched properties. Higos offer bespoke cover to suit your requirements at competitive rates. To find out more, visit our thatch page or call the team on 01458 270 352.

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