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How much does a thatched roof cost?


How much does a thatched roof cost?

The result of a newly thatched roof can improve the appearance of a property drastically with the intricate detail and workmanship that is on display. However, a thatched roof does come at a higher price in comparison to standard materials.

There are thousands of thatched houses and thatched cottages across the UK with each one requiring a high level of maintenance, including rethatching.

But how much does it cost to thatch a roof?

The shape and size of a thatched house or cottage can vary greatly, meaning there is no set price for thatching. For example, a thatched property between 8-12 squares1 could cost around £8,000 - £12,000 to complete. However this could vary greatly between the size and scale of a job.

Traditionally, thatched roof quotes are usually priced on the area of the roof but there are many other factors to consider with the cost of thatching.

One element for consideration is labour. Thatching is the most labour intensive option for a roof and the majority of work is carried out by hand, not using machinery. On average, the standard sized thatched cottage could take 2-3 thatchers one month to complete.  

A roof thatcher quotes a job based on a variety of measures and is required to install or replace a thatched roof that is watertight, durable and well-presented.

Other factors that are considered within the cost of a thatched roof include:

  • Removal of old thatch
  • Surface area and shape of the roof
  • Thatching material
  • Type of ridge – patterned or plain
  • Eaves2 partly or fully stripped
  • Rewiring of whole or part roof

It is always best to obtain multiple quotes that explain the breakdown of what is included prior to a thatching job.

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1a thatcher’s square = 10ft x 10ft area (100 sq feet)
2bottom or end of a thatched roof

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