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Livingstones Joins Forces With Higos


Livingstones Joins Forces With Higos

Our Yeovil branch, Livingstones Insurance Services, was established following the acquisition of Livingstones Warman Insurance Brokers in November 2013.

Livingstones Warman Insurance Brokers was a family owned and run business formed in 1986 as Livingstones Insurance and over the years developed a loyal client base in Yeovil and the surrounding areas, with particular expertise in motor insurance schemes. Livingstones took over Warman & Co Ltd in 2005 to become Livingstones Warman Insurance Brokers, the largest single site insurance brokers in Yeovil.

We are delighted that Jason Livingstone, Senior Partner of Livingstones Warman Insurance Brokers, has joined the Higos senior management as a result of the acquisition. Jason has joined us in the capacity of Head of Motor, responsible for all motor products within Higos.

Jason Livingstone issued the following statement following the acquisition “It is with great pleasure that I announce that Livingstones Warman Insurance Brokers is merging with Higos Insurance Services Ltd. The values of Livingstones are mirrored by Higos and the synergy is apparent to all. By joining Higos, Livingstones has access to all the facilities and resources of this much larger organisation, allowing staff to concentrate on customer service and products, rather than the day to day logistics. Livingstones in turn offers Higos their schemes and specialties across the group. Being bigger is definitely better.”

Jason continued “I am personally delighted to be taking on the role of Head of Motor for Higos, a task I relish as motor is my passion, and I will have the pleasure of rolling out our motor schemes to the other 20 branches within Higos over the next 12 months. The resources that Higos immediately give us is allowing us to move our premises into Yeovil Town Centre, an objective we have had for the last two years, but simply been unable to do. These are exciting times and there is a real buzz in the branch, as we all take on the challenge of this major change both in office location and growth. The future is very bright for us all.”

All frontline staff have transferred to Higos and continue to deliver the same levels of service Livingstones clients are familiar with. Penny, Deb, Michelle and Katherine in personal lines and Bridget and Sue in commercial lines, with Jason in the background to keep continuity and roll out the motor schemes.

To contact Livingstones Insurance Services call 01935 706 258.

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