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The MOT boom of 2019 and how to utilise it


The MOT boom of 2019 and how to utilise it
In 2016 new car sales hit an all-time high; over 2.6 million vehicles were sold! This year marks the three-year anniversary of their vehicle registration, meaning we will see an unprecedented demand for MOT tests to car dealers and workshops.
This ‘boom’ will have already started to hit workshops in March (518,707 new vehicles were registered in March 2016) and dealers are recommended to contact customers as early as possible about their MOT, to avoid the risk of losing business to other workshops. 
Throughout the remainder of 2019, it’s crucial to ensure that your motor trade business is making the most of this MOT boom and communicating with customers who purchased new cars in 2016. Be sure your organisation sends reminders to car buyers that encourage them to return to your business for their MOT testing needs. 
More than anything, your establishment can use this MOT boom as an opportunity to continue offering past customers quality service and remind them why they chose your business in the first place. And as more car buyers return to you for an MOT test, your organisation can promote retention for future vehicle services and sales. 
It is estimated that an average of 50 extra MOT tests will be conducted per site per month over the next 12 months.

Manage Your Risks

As industry trends change, so does your organisation’s insurance needs. A complete appraisal of what you face and a bespoke policy will help protect your business and ensure future profitability.
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