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Now Is The Ideal Time To Prepare Your Home For Winter


September is the month householders should get ahead of the game by having their boiler serviced and carrying out simple maintenance checks around the house. That way problems can be fixed before the cold weather arrives later in the year. This may seem a strange task to do when the sun is still shining, but as we have all witnessed in recent years the weather patterns are becoming less predictable and an early cold snap could easily catch us out. Having your boiler serviced and ensuring water pipes are adequately lagged are sensible preventative measures to take now. Too often we all put off these tasks until it is too late and we find we have no heating or hot water at the very time they are needed most. That will also be the time when the rest of the nation is turning on their heating systems and finding they have problems too, so it becomes a mad scramble to find an emergency plumber who can fit you in. Burst pipes can cause huge amounts of damage and make all or part of a house uninhabitable, causing inconvenience and expense. Taking the time to go into the loft to ensure the wrappings have not deteriorated or become dislodged or replacing them with new ones, can save large amounts of hassle later in the year. Also if you can do it now, when temperatures in the loft are reasonable rather then cold or freezing, it can make the job far easier. It also pays to look through your policy documents to see what cover you have and that it is still sufficient for your needs. New purchases of large or expensive items may need to be declared or individual cover arranged, for example. Conversely, a policy purchased through an online service may have given you a level of cover considerably in excess of your actual requirements and you could be paying far more than you need to because of it. A local insurance broker will be able to give you face-to-face advice on the cover that best suits your needs and they will have often negotiated exclusive deals with insurers which will save you money while also giving you the peaceof mind that you have the right cover and are not paying excessively for it.

Posted by: Higos Insurance Services Ltd