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The Importance of Legal Expenses Cover


Unfortunately, employment disputes are now part and parcel of business life and cost UK business millions of pounds every year. A good legal expenses policy can provide you with defence costs and cover for any subsequent award made against your company, giving you vital balance sheet protection and peace of mind. On a day to day basis, the most obvious benefit of commercial legal expenses is free legal advice on any commercial legal or tax problem affecting your business. This facility is available from inception of your policy and can potentially save you hundreds - if not thousands - of pounds each year. Because of the low cost of Legal Expenses Insurance, we find that a large number of our clients more than cover the cost of their policy by using the free legal advice. When considered alongside employment dispute and compensation cover, cover for legal defence, licence protection, contract disputes, debt recovery, property protection and bodily injury, we believe that you have essential cover for your business and excellent value for money. Higos has access to a wide range of Legal Expenses policies and are confident that we can provide you with the most appropriate cover, at a competitive price, whether you are a small local business or a large national company.

Posted by: Higos Insurance Services Ltd