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Commercial Claims

The Commercial Claims Department is a dedicated team set up to assist in every aspect of your claim; from assisting with the first notification of your claim, through the handling of the claim and through to settlement.

Below is some simple guidance for the most common claims. If you have any queries with regards to these or any other matters, please contact us on 01458 270 490 and we will be happy to assist you.


Many Insurers have dedicated helplines for motor incidents. This will enable your Insurers to obtain the circumstances of the incident and deal with the claim more quickly. If you are comprehensively insured, they will instruct an Approved Repairer (subject to class of vehicle) and authorise repairs. Please call us for their dedicated telephone numbers. Claims forms are also available for those Insurers who do not have a dedicated helpline.

If you have been involved in an incident that you consider to be your driver's fault, please make sure that the circumstances are not discussed with the third party or their representatives and liability is not accepted. All correspondence should be passed to us immediately to be answered by your Insurers.

Own Property Damage

There are many aspects to property damage including contents, building and equipment. Please call us and we will be happy to send you an appropriate form for completion via post, email or fax, whichever is most convenient. Insurers normally require original purchase receipts for items lost or damaged, with two repair or replacement estimates as appropriate.

For building damage, two estimates will be required for the repair which will be passed to your Insurers for authorisation. It may be necessary for your Insurers to appoint a Loss Adjuster for large value claims and as such, obtaining these estimates will assist them in handling the claim as quickly as possible.

Liability Claims

This may be an injury to an employee or member of the public or damage to their property. It is important to notify us of your claim as quickly as possible where an appropriate claim form will be sent to you via post, email or fax, whichever is most convenient. It is important not to discuss the circumstances with the claimant or any representative, and any correspondence received by them should be passed to us immediately.

If the claim is for injury, the incident should be noted in your accident book. It is usual that a Loss Adjuster will be appointed by your Insurers to investigate injury claims and documents such as the accident book, and training records (for employees) will need to be made available. Please bear in mind that if an injury last longer than three days, is a disease or could be classed as a 'dangerous occurrence', you may need to report this incident to RIDDOR. Please check out the government RIDDOR website ( or download their explanatory leaflet if you have any questions concerning this.

If you have any questions concerning other types of claims, please call the Commercial Claims Department on 
01458 270 490 where we will be happy to answer your questions.

Outside of Higos opening hours please refer to your policy booklet for emergency claims assistance.