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Environmental Statement

At Higos we strive to reduce our impact on the environment, whilst still providing clients with the highest quality service possible.

To minimise our environmental footprint we:

  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, metal, old equipment and furniture
  • Endeavour to double side our printed material wherever possible and continually review our processes and procedures to find paperless ways for example 'E' payslips
  • Use high frequency low energy light fittings on all refurbishments
  • Monitor our boilers with timers for water and heating 
  • Keep a close eye on our electricity use to include air conditioning units, with computers and lights being switched off at night
  • Are substantially increasing our communication with clients by secure Email (new software system being installed early 2013)


To help the communities we are in:

  • We like to use local contractors for work in those areas
  • We are involved in various local business groups
  • We recruit local people, many as trainees, to support the growth plans of the Company, all individuals become professionally qualified, leading to successful careers and salaries which reflect their achievements
  • We refurbish our offices to high standards to ensure the staff have an excellent working environment and the offices are always clean and welcoming to clients
  • We have a charity committee which all staff are welcome to join which supports local charities and grass roots sport