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How Our Agency Service Works

Personal Lines Insurance

There are two distinct ways in which you can deal with us for Personal Lines general insurance products.

Introduced Cases

It is important that we deliver on our promises and we have devised a minimum standard which we always aim to meet. The procedure is as follows:

  • SUBMIT your client's details online with our new Lead Tracking System or EMAIL us the details using an Introducer Lead Form
  • We will contact the client on the designated day and as near to the designated time as possible
  • We will provide you with feedback outlining the results of our discussion with the client
  • If we are unable to contact a client we will keep you informed of the situation and try on further occasions
  • If you are still unable to contact the client we will let you know and ask you to arrange a more convenient time and/or an alternative telephone number
  • On the Lead Tracking System, you will automatically be notified when the lead has progressed, and you can view the status of the lead at any time

Appointed Representatives/Advising Principals (on products where proven competent).

As you are the point of contact with the client it is vital you receive top quality support from our new business team.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Complete the appropriate Higos Needs Statement
  • EMAIL the form to us

We will provide the quotation with a full breakdown of cover provided within 24 hours. There are many cases where you need to provide an immediate quotation. We are able to deal with quotations over the phone. However, our resources are finite and we prefer this service to be used only when really necessary.


Commercial Lines Insurance

Unless you have a high level of insurance experience and can prove competence, we do not permit our Appointed Representatives to give advice on commercial products.

Due to the increased technical knowledge required we have set up a number of specific departments to cater for medium to large commercial risks. Where premiums are likely to exceed £5000 per annum we are able, where required, to visit your clients to provide a full review of their insurance needs.

Submit your clients details online with our new Lead Tracking System or email the details using an Introducer Lead Form. We will deal directly with the client and keep you updated during key points of the process. You may accompany our specialist if you wish.