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How We Help

One of the key benefits of placing your insurance with Higos Insurance Services is the peace of mind that we are here to help should the worst happen and you need to make a claim.

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At a time when many brokers are reducing or completely removing their claims teams – leaving their clients to deal with the insurer directly – Higos continues to invest in its Claims Department and recently expanded the team to 9 dedicated claims staff.

During the summer of 2012 our Claims Department were very busy handling a significant increase in claims, as a result of the floods which occurred throughout the UK and, in particular, throughout the South West of England.

Stephanie Trebble, Head of Claims at Higos Insurance Services, explains how we took extra steps to assist our clients.

“We anticipated an increase in claims was likely as a result of the forecast adverse weather, and so we immediately took steps by increasing the hours the Claims Department was available to assist clients who needed to make a claim.  We implemented a weekend shift, as well as staying open later in the evenings, in order to handle our clients’ claims quickly and efficiently.  We took steps to offer advice to our clients before the floods occurred, with comprehensive information, advice and updates published on our website as well as via our Twitter account.”

Stephanie continued “At Higos our clients report their household and commercial claims directly to us and we then advise the insurers on our clients’ behalf, always within 24 hours and in the majority of cases on the same day as we receive the claim.  Naturally clients can be worried or upset when making a claim and our staff do everything they can to make this distressing period as straightforward as possible.  For serious cases we can ensure the insurer handles the claim immediately, appointing a loss adjustor as soon as possible and arranging alternative accommodation should the clients house be considered uninhabitable.

Our Claims Department is proactive too.  “When fires occurred – such as during the UK riots in 2011 – we called clients within the areas affected to check they were ok and establish if there was anything we could help with”.  Our Claims Department exists to represent our clients and has often overturned the initial decision the insurer has made. Stephanie continued “Our staff understand the policy wordings and are able to negotiate the settlement where possible.  We see a Claims Department as one of the key reasons why a client would use an insurance broker and we do all we can to assist our clients at the time when they need it most”