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    Higos Insurance Services provides a dedicated Charity Insurance Team which delivers cover, service, support and advice for Charitable and Not For Profit Organisations.  Our specialist team has over twenty years of Third Sector experience, looking after the insurance requirements of all types of voluntary organisations.
    Our staff possesses the vital knowledge and experience to place charity insurance risks of all sizes, from small community groups through to nationally recognised charities, and everything in between. 
    At Higos we have access to 200 insurers, including specialist charity insurers and the Lloyds market; this allows us to tailor levels of cover and provide a bespoke solution to meet all your insurance requirements.  The varied organisations we currently work with include:
    • Animal Sanctuaries & Rescue Organisations
    • Theatres  & Theatre Groups
    • Village Halls & Community Centres
    • Charities for the Disabled
    • Social Welfare Charities
    • Homeless Charities
    • Drug & Alcohol Charities
    • Faith & Religious Organisations of all sizes and Faiths including Churches, Synagogues and Gurdwaras 
    • Arts & Cultural Groups
    • Heritage Centres  & Museums
    • Schools and Colleges
    • Youth Clubs and Groups
    • Military Charities
    • Medical Organisations
    • NFP Organisations that work overseas
    • Charities for the Elderly
    We pride ourselves on treating our customers fairly, which means when it comes to arranging the insurances for your Charity, Voluntary Organisation, NFP Group, Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company, you can be assured we will maximise your protection, whilst negotiating competitive premiums on your behalf.  
    The insurance protection we provide is comprehensive and can include the following covers:
    • Material Damage
    • All Risks for Equipment away from the Premises
    • Business Interruption
    • Employers’ Liability (including cover for volunteers)
    • Public & Products Liability
    • Trustees Indemnity/ Directors & Officers Liability 
    • Money & Personal Accident Assault  
    • Event Insurance
    • Minibus and Motor Fleet
    • Cyber Liability Insurance
    We also choose to give back. We are very committed when it comes to getting involved with our local communities and over the past three years we have donated over £75,000 to local charities and organisations. We particularly understand the importance of supporting young people and local community groups within the regions in which we operate right across the South and South West of England.
    Even if your policy isn’t due for renewal at the present time, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a mid-term review of your insurance cover.

    To find out more please contact:

    Bethany Johnson
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    I am setting up a new voluntary group, what are the essential covers I need?
    The only compulsory classes of insurance are Motor and Employers Liability (if you have paid staff).   However if you are meeting in a hall, holding an event, bag-packing in a shopping centre or tin rattling on the street, you will need to produce evidence of your Public Liability cover.  This protects your legal liability should you be held responsible for causing damage to someone else’s property or injury to members of the public.  
    How do I know what level of Public Liability cover is needed?
    You may be asked by the owners of the premises where you meet, or where you are holding an event, to have a certain level of cover in place.  Some groups still have a limit of indemnity of £1m, but most organisations have now moved to £2m as a minimum, and more and more groups are now opting for £5m, as court awards and costs increase.  Higher limits are also easily available if needed      
    We don’t have any paid employees, only volunteers; do we need Employers Liability Insurance?
    It is not a legal requirement to have this cover if you don’t have any paid employees; however it is recommended for volunteers only groups too.  If your volunteers were injured whilst working on behalf of the organisation and you don’t have Employers Liability cover in place they would not be covered.  You may feel they would not wish to sue the organisation, but if they were seriously inured or disabled and unable to work or in need of care, they may have no option but to take this action. With no cover in place, this could prove costly for an organisation  
    What payment options are available?
    Many of the insurers we work with offer interest-free instalments or the option to spread your premium with only a low interest charge applied.
    We’re a limited charity, so why do we need Directors & Officers Liability?
    Becoming incorporated limits your liability should the charity be declared bankrupt, but it does not limit your legal liability. Should the trustees or directors of a charity be sued and not have this cover in place their own homes, cars and other assets could be at risk      
    We only signpost, so do we need Professional Indemnity cover?
    On the whole if you only signpost, then Professional Indemnity cover is not needed; however if you offer advice, then this cover is definitely recommended, as claims can be costly. 
    Do you charge for the advice given, or receive a restricted grant to provide an advice service, even if you don’t charge the end user? Then Professional Indemnity cover is essential.
    We have Corporate Entity cover, as an extension on our Trustees Indemnity policy, so do we need Professional Indemnity cover too?
     Please see question above.  If you give advice, particularly if you charge or use a restricted grant to provide this service, then Corporate Entity cover does not provide sufficient cover and you are recommended to take out Professional Indemnity cover too in order to fully protect the organisation     
    What insurance cover do I need for my fund-raising event?
    Public Liability is essential.  Employers Liability is also needed for staff, volunteers and helpers.  Other covers available include Equipment cover (for owned or hired equipment), Money & Personal Accident Assault, Cancellation cover including adverse weather and non-appearance of a key person.  Cancellation cover can also be extended to include expenses and loss of income.