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    Insurance Without DoubtWe know a carefully designed and well managed insurance programme can make a big difference to your business, suppliers and customers.

    Quite apart from any savings we would expect to identify for you, our aim is to give you the peace of mind that only comes with a programme built specifically for you by industry experts.

    Higos ensures you have the correct cover in place, which allows you to concentrate on running your business and to take each and every opportunity that comes your way.

    Our clients’ best interests are always our priority. We remain fiercely independent, working with over 300 global and niche insurers in order to guarantee value to you, not the stock market.

    The Higos team has the experience, expertise and dedication to ensure that no stone remains unturned when assessing risk or finding the policy that meets your specific needs. We mitigate your risks, so that you can concentrate on making your business.

    The four cornerstones of our promise

    We deliver our promise to you by setting exacting standards and demanding a ruthless focus in four areas: advice, assessment, underwriting and claims management.

  • Advice you can count onarrow

    Ensuring that your business has the insurance cover it requires stems from receiving excellent advice. Even the best service and claims management available will not compensate for poor advice or bad programme design.

    This is why we invest so much time and effort in training our team. We also ensure that even our most experienced staff remain up to date with insurance industry and health and safety legislative changes – meaning that you will always be better informed by Higos.

  • Excellence in assessmentarrow

    Our independence means we don’t force our corporate clients into ‘one size fits all’ arrangements with one or two insurers in order to maximise profits. It also gives us access to a huge range of insurers from global household names to lesser known (but no less expert or secure) specialist niche underwriting agencies.

    Insurers know that they have an excellent chance of success if they work hard with us to put together the best programme for our clients. The benefit of our independence? A better result for you, without doubt.

    The Higos broking model:

    • Identify all insurable risks whether currently covered or not
    • Agree the ideal insurance and risk management programme for your business
    • Present to market and negotiate the best terms available
    • Review results and place the business
    • Effect service plan including ongoing needs assessment
  • Award-winning underwritingarrow

    Working with a wide panel of underwriters and insurers engenders competition and gives more options when it comes to the design of your insurance programme.

    Higos will bring all options to the table and provide a completely open assessment of how we reached our recommendation. Your insurance premium is, of course, a major factor. So too are financial security, claims performance, flexibility and service levels. We are happy to pass on the benefit of our experience to ensure you are fully aware of insurer performance in all these key areas.

    We wouldn’t expect you to place the security of your business in a company whose performance gives you any cause for concern. We have also negotiated several unique policy wordings - with market leading levels of protection - and have an inhouse underwriting team with the twin intentions of providing our clients with the best cover and underwriting available.

  • Exceptional claims managementarrow

    Even companies with the best risk management programme can be unfortunate enough to suffer a loss or claim. We are here to make sure the impact on your business is kept to an absolute minimum, regardless of the size of the incident. The importance we place on our claims resolution service cannot be overestimated.

    It is our belief that this is, in essence, the reason our industry exists and we view every claim as an opportunity to prove our worth. This is why we invest so heavily in our in-house dedicated Claims Department, which features ten staff solely responsible for handling our clients’ claims. Our claims staff are among the most experienced in the business and include several former loss adjusters and insurer company staff who have every angle covered when it comes to claims resolution.

    The team has a peerless reputation in the industry with experience and knowledge of insurance case law, which has been an enormous asset to Higos and many of our clients over the years.

    Our Claims Department is also instrumental in ensuring the claims histories of our clients are kept up to date. This very important function ensures we can present risks to the market without old claims or claim reserves making it difficult for insurers to put their best rates forward. We are happy to help with the resolution of any outstanding claims for new clients should that be required.

  • Contact informationarrow

    We recruit talent and invest in industry-leading training to ensure that our team recognises the importance of each of these critical elements. This is why we are confident that we can provide you with one of the best broking services available in the UK.

    For advice on your business insurance requirements – or to find out how Higos can help your business – call us today on 01749 834 500 or email