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    Peace of Mind

    Not all commercial insurance policies are the same; there are many policies out there which will appear to give you the cover you need to go about your daily dealings – however, unless your insurance has been designed for your business – you may not have adequate cover in place.
    As with most legal documents, you need to be aware of the fine print which could include exclusions or restrictions which you haven’t been made aware of. 
    Some common exclusions/restrictions relate to:
    • Heatwork
    • Defective Workmanship
    • Efficacy cover
    • Financial Loss
    • Push fit
    • Contractual Liability
    • Sub-contractors cover
    • Renewable Energy and solar installation 


    Higos have you covered

    Higos have been developing our expertise in the sector for over 25 years and we have worked with specialist insurers to develop a specialist Electrical/Heating and Ventilation Contractors Insurance (HVAC) wording, which is more suitable to your business and often available for a more competitive price than a standard commercial insurance policy.
    We are able to provide cover for all the above common exclusions and our policy also can also include Legal Arbitration cover (not widely available) and a free Collateral Warranty offer.
    We’d like to get to know your business better and work with you to give you complete peace of mind.

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