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    With the average wedding reported to cost in the region of £20,000 it's a major financial commitment.  We recommend the cost of a wedding be safeguarded with Wedding Insurance.

    You'll want to ensure that all your hard work leads to a memorable occasion. Unfortunately, however carefully you plan, things can and do go wrong, which is why wedding insurance is vital. No matter whether wedding dress shops go out of business or events have to be postponed or cancelled due to accident or illness, wedding insurance can give you peace of mind. That's why more and more couples are including wedding insurance as an essential part of their wedding plans.

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    Cancellation and Rearrangement of Wedding and/or Reception

    Cover for your irrecoverable costs incurred as a result of the unavoidable cancellation of the wedding for reasons beyond your control, but not extending to - ongoing/pre-existing medical conditions, lack of funds other than redundancy, disinclination of bride or groom, any circumstances known at the time of policy issue.

    Ceremonial Attire

    We will cover you for accidental loss of, or damage to, ceremonial attire (clothing and accessories of the Bride, Groom, male and female attendants and the parents of the Bride and Groom, whether hired or owned, excluding ceremonial swords) whilst in your possession or that of a close relative. 

    Failure of Suppliers

    If the original supplier of wedding services becomes insolvent and it is necessary to arrange alternative equivalent services we will pay up to the amount stated in the schedule for irrecoverable deposits and other payments already made, and/or additional costs.

    Public Liability

    Provides cover for your legal liability to pay damages, claimants costs and expenses which arise as a result of and in connection with the wedding. This excludes the first £250 of each and every claim as well as any malicious/deliberate acts resulting in material damage or bodily injury.

    Photographs and Videos

    Provides cover to retake the wedding photographs or video, or for any failure of the professional photographers services.

    Wedding Rings, Cake, Flowers and Presents

    Provides cover for loss of, or damage to, the wedding rings/wedding cake/wedding flowers/wedding presents occurring seven days prior to the wedding.

    Wedding Transportation

    Provides cover for the contractual failure of the booked transport supplier.

    Optional add-ons to your policy

    Wedding Equipment and Ceremonial Swords

    Provides cover for the loss of, or damage to, marquees and other associated wedding equipment including ceremonial swords.

    Employers’ Liability

    Provides cover for your legal liability to pay damages, claimants costs and expenses which arise as a result of anyone you employ, whether paid or unpaid, in connection with the wedding.

    Premiums range from £50 to £155 dependent on the type of cover required.