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Flood AdviceSaturday 7th July 2012

With torrential rain sweeping across the country we have issued the following advice for Higos clients at risk of flooding. 

Pre-flood checks

Be prepared to evacuate your property and think about where you can go for safety

Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water mains supplies

Prepare a flood kit of essential items such as a broom, spade, mop and bucket; domestic detergent and disinfectant; rubber boots, gloves and protective clothing; waterproof torch and radio; bottled water for drinking.

Think about what items you can move to a safe place for later and what are essential items for you to have now

Create a list of important numbers including Floodline 0845 988 1188


Advice during a flood

Safety comes first. Think about evacuation before it is too late to move. Make sure you follow any advice or instructions provided by the emergency services.

If floodwater is about to enter your home, turn off the gas, electricity and water supplies if it is safe to do so. DO NOT touch sources of electricity when standing in flood water.

Gas and electricity supplies should remain switched off until a qualified professional has checked the system thoroughly. Wiring, appliances and pipe-work should also be inspected for safety and efficiency.

Keep listening to local radio for updates or call Floodline on 0845 988 1188

Move irreplaceable personal or sentimental items, such as photographs – as well as portable items - to an upper storey or higher location in your property to prevent loss or damage.

Also check your garage to see if any items can be moved.

If possible, raise ground floor furniture on blocks or bricks to minimise the risk of damage.

To report your claim call Higos on 01458 270 320 - our dedicated Claims Team is on hand from 8am - 6.30pm weekdays.  Outside of Higos opening hours, and in the event of an emergency, please call your insurer directly on the numbers listed below:

0800 051 5059 

0845 300 4055

0870 556 1161

0844 902 0789

0845 122 3019

0844 893 9538

0870 240 3093

0845 603 8381

0845 450 4938

0800 074 7224

Advice After The Flood

If there is any chance that electrical sockets have come into contact with water, switch off the electricity at the mains.

If your electricity is switched off following an incident, make sure that a qualified electrician checks the electrical installation before it is switched back on.

If your gas has to be turned off, make sure that a GasSafe registered tradesperson checks the gas supply before the gas is switched back on.

Do not throw away any items until we, your insurer or our loss adjuster tell you it is OK to do so.

Make a list of any damaged items that you need to throw away before you dispose of them. Take a note of make and model numbers, and take photographs of any damage if you have a camera to hand.

Wear appropriate clothing and gloves when handling anything that has been contaminated by flood waters. Remember floodwater often contains sewage, so take sensible hygiene precautions.

Carry out any emergency repairs to protect your property from further losses. If you are unsure whether the cost of repair is covered under your insurance, contact us on 01458 270 320 first.

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