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Higos Insurance Services is delighted to support Crewkerne and Villages Parkinson’s Support Group, which is part of Parkinson’s UK.

The charity was suggested to the Higos Community Fund after a local pub decided to donate the funds of their annual charity cricket match to the group, in honour of a Higos client who passed away after years of suffering with the illness. The Bell Inn at Ash hosts the cricket match each year between the local residents and the regular drinkers at The Bell Inn to raise funds for various charities. This year, when Richard Pullen passed away, the landlord Kerry Taylor chose the local Parkinson’s group as one of the two charities which would benefit from the funds raised. The Higos Community Fund have added an additional £250 to the donation, which meant the charity received in excess of £500 overall.

The support group offer information and friendship to local people with Parkinson’s, their families and carers.

Gerry Nicholas, Chairman of Crewkerne and Villages Parkinson’s Support Group commented “Thank you so much for donating £250 from the Higos Community Fund. A new use for money raised is to adapt laptops for our Parkinson members who are no longer able to speak to a person due to the condition robbing them of their speech. One of our members adapted a laptop with word processing software to print the words and sentences that the sufferer was unable to communicate. This new found ability greatly reduced the depression in that Parkinson sufferer. Furthermore, we need to fund someone who can teach and install this facility on the computer. Higos have shown me what a difference it makes to deal with an organisation that demonstrates its commitment to help our Support Group and others like it.’

To find out more about Crewkerne and Villages Parkinson’s Support Group please visit

Pictured below from left to right are Mr Dave Kelly (cricket team captain), Mrs Shelagh Pullen, Mr Kerry Taylor (Landlord of the Bell Inn and cricket team captain), Mr Andrew Tanner (Higos Insurance Services Ltd) and Mr Gerry Nicholas (Chairman of the Crewkerne and Villages Parkinson’s Support Group).

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