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Higos Insurance Services is delighted to support Getting Beth Better.

Getting Beth Better is a charity which has been founded to help Beth Rye, a 25 year old from Somerset to get her life back. Whilst completing a nursing degree two years ago, Beth started to show symptoms of Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence (SSDC). This is an inner ear condition which means she has a hole over her superior canal that shouldn’t be there. She has lived with it for two years and the side effects have been disastrous for her. Her life has been put on hold as she has suffered with debilitating dizziness, sickness and vertigo attacks. Two major operations to fix the hole in the UK failed and her symptoms were worse than ever, making her life extremely limited as she has been practically bed bound.

Getting Beth Better have been trying to raise £50,000 for treatment in the USA since May 2015 and have already raised a staggering £40,000 for the operation which is taking place this month.

Tom Rye commended ‘Thank you so much for donating £500 from the Higos Community Fund. It will be a huge help towards Beth's ongoing treatment. We are all humbled by the amount of people that have got behind Beth's cause. Without donations like this she would not be getting the life-changing treatment she desperately needs. Thank you Higos!’

To find out more about Getting Beth Better please visit

Pictured below from the left are Paul Rye, Tom Rye, Jason Livingstone (Higos Head of Motor) and Carol-Lynn Rye.

Getting Beth Better cheque presentation

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