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These useful tips from RSA, the leading insurance company, will help you stay safe this Halloween, whether you are at home or out Trick or Treating.

Halloween pumpkin


  • Tealights can be one of the biggest house fire culprits, so take extra care to:
  • Always use a suitable heat resistant container for your tealight and place on a stable surface
  • Never place candles near curtains, carpets, fabrics or furniture or in draughts
  • Always keep candles out of reach of pets and children
  • Never place candles close together, allow at least 10cm between them
  • Always check candles are put out properly
  • Never leave candles unattended


Here are some tips for creating a spooky pumpkin for your party or to display in your window:

  • Carve your pumpkin in a well lit area on a flat surface
  • Draw your pattern on your pumpkin first
  • Use a specially designed pumpkin tool, not a sharp knife
  • Use a battery operated tealight instead of a real flame


We’d never want to dampen the excitement for children but it’s worth reminding them of the following:

  • Always carry a torch or glow stick and wear something reflective or bright
  • Never knock at houses displaying ‘No Trick or Treat’ signs
  • Always pre-plan your route and tell an adult where you’re going and what time you’ll be back
  • Never enter a stranger’s house or car
  • Always check treats before you eat them, ensure the packaging hasn’t been tampered with
  • Never wear something that restricts your vision. Face paint is better than a mask
  • Always be considerate – only call at homes displaying a pumpkin or lantern

If you live alone and are concerned about Trick or Treaters knocking on your door, or have over-excitable pets, here’s some things you can do to keep calm and safe:

  • If you’re worried about answering the door to groups of children or teenagers put a ‘No Trick or Treat’ sign on your door
  • If you do answer the door be polite and don’t forget children will often have an adult with them so they’re unlikely to be up to mischief


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