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Home Insurance – is your property adequately protected?Friday 2nd September 2016

Four top tips for your home insurance
It’s not a legal requirement to have home insurance in place for your property. However, your home is one of your most valuable assets and it is essential that it’s adequately protected.
We’re continually bombarded with advertisements for household insurance, which typically focus on price and saving money, however these policies often come with vital levels of cover removed.  So a comprehensive home insurance policy should always be your priority.  Here are four tips to consider when purchasing your next home insurance policy.
Accidental damage
It may surprise you to learn that accidental damage to televisions and other electrical equipment is included in only 76% of home insurance policies today, compared to 94% in 2010.  Damage to glass, such as windows, is included in 79% of policies, compared to 95% in 2010. 
TIP: Accidental damage cover is essential – even the most careful person could accidentally knock their television when vacuuming the carpet or when grandchildren come to visit.  Make sure this essential cover is included in your policy.  
Tracing and accessing leaks 
If there’s damage to your property caused by an escape of water, you may incur additional costs in removing and replacing any other part of the building while accessing the source of the leak. For example, digging up a floor or knocking down a wall to access a leaking pipe.  Many policies provide a limit to cater for this eventuality but some give no cover at all.
TIP: Make sure trace and access cover is included in your insurance policy as standard.  This is important cover which could save you a substantial amount of money should your property develop a leak.
Cover for items away from the home
We all take items away from the home, both during the course of our daily lives or on holiday, including items such as jewellery, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and handbags.
TIP: A comprehensive home insurance policy will cover these items not only in the UK but also while you’re abroad on holiday.  When buying home insurance always discuss this.  
A policy that provides overseas cover ensures you can also save money on your travel insurance policy, as you don’t need to insure these items twice. 
Renovations or refurbishment
If you renovate or refurbish your home there can be terms or conditions applied.  A more appropriate policy may need to be sourced if the works to your property are significant.
TIP: It’s important to notify your insurer of any type of works being carried out on your home to ensure it’s properly protected.
Higos Insurance Services offer a range of home insurance policies from leading insurers such as Aviva, Ageas, Axa, Allianz and Legal & General.  All of our recommended policies include comprehensive levels of cover, including trace and access, and cover for items away from the home as standard.
To discuss your home insurance and to obtain a competitive home insurance quote call us today on 01749 835 500 or visit - one of our expert home insurance advisers will help provide the home insurance policy that matches your exact requirements.
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