For The Right Property Sum Insured, It Has To Be Higos

6 million businesses. No two rebuild costs the same.

From industrial estates to town centres, shops and offices, factories, property management companies and garages, there are over 6 million businesses in the UK. And in our experience, no two business premises and their rebuild costs are ever identical. That’s why to ensure your building is adequately protected we recommend our affordable and efficient Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA) service.

Underinsured? Over insured? We’ll let you know

At least 90% of commercial properties in Britain are either under or over insured. Over insured means you’re paying too much and no business wants unnecessary overheads like that. But under insurance can hit your business much harder. Nearly three-quarters of all properties in the UK are covered for less than two-thirds of their correct rebuild costs. And that means disputes with insurers and claims payments being reduced by thousands (and sometimes millions) of pounds. To rebuild your premises your business would have to fund the difference.

A Rebuild Cost Assessment puts your mind at rest.

Today it’s possible for us to provide you with a comprehensive RCA report without even having to visit your propert.  In some circumstances, a site visit is necessary and we can offer you a face-to-face assessment and advice. An RCA report also gives you an estimated rebuild period, which helps you calculate a more accurate Business Interruption sum insured. Our property assessment partner Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd (RCA Ltd) is a professional ‘Regulated by RICS’ (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) organisation.

For all the business protection you need, without paying for cover you don’t, it has to be Higos.



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