New rapid pay-out flood cover is now available for all commercial clients.

No restrictions no exclusions no limitations

We are constantly looking for, and developing new ways to provide our clients with wider and better cover. As part of this drive to ensure that our clients have access to the best products on the market, we are delighted to announce our partnership with FloodFlash, an innovative, rapid pay-out flood insurance product.

This February has been the wettest on record with storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge bringing torrential rain and flooding onto the agenda in a dramatic way. Since 1998, we have seen six of the ten wettest years on record and the Met Office expect this trend to continue.

2 in 5 small businesses don’t re-open after catastrophic flooding; it’s a statistic that stopped us in our tracks and we are determined to offer UK business owners a better solution, please see the chart below for more details:


Business Flood concerns:                      

  • Difficulty getting cover                        

  • High excess                                        

  • High Premiums                                     

  • Ability to carry on trading                     

  • Slow speed of payment                         

 Traditional Insurance:

  • Exclude areas previously flooded

  • Increase excess in risk areas

  • Premiums often loaded for wide postcode areas

  • Ability to carry on trading                  

  • Weeks and months can pass by before claims are finalised


Higos/Floodflash solution:

We can quote for all areas including previously flood affected regions.

No Excess: you select your cover level and receive 100% of that amount.

Very flexible: you choose depth limits, pay out amount and control the premium.

How it works: a sensor is installed at your premises and notifies us if you have been flooded.

Speed: 2020 flood victims received their payout just over 24 hours after they were flooded, providing immediate assistance when it was most needed and ensuring that the impact on the business was substantially reduced.

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