Tips To Keep Your Home Safe Whilst On Holiday

Travel Insurance

At Higos, we understand going on a much needed holiday can be an exciting time. We also know going abroad can substantially increase a variety of risks such as theft from your home. Whether you’re planning your holiday for a week, a month or several times in the year, it’s important to prepare your home to help keep your personal possessions safe and secure whilst you’re away.

Home Preparation Tips:

The key to keeping your home safe whilst you’re on holiday is preparation and there are several steps you can take to help.

  • Make a checklist, this will help to stay on top of the tasks you need to complete before going away so you can have full peace of mind.
  • Ensure you have valid Home and Content Insurance in place with sufficient cover, a mid-term insurance review may be beneficial to ensure you’re not underinsured.
  • Investing in a good fencing between 6-8ft can add an extra layer of protection to your home.
  • It’s advised not to publicise your leaving for your holiday on social media as this can leave your home vulnerable by letting any potential thieves know that you won’t be home during this time.
  • A timed light can be beneficial rather than simply keeping the lights on. A vacant home with lights on continuously all day and night can give the impression that nobody’s home.
  • A timed TV or radio at random times can also suggest that someone is home rather than leaving them on continuously.
  • Check your locks thoroughly to ensure all windows, doors, sheds and garages are locked and nothing is easily broken into.
  • Let your neighbours know you’re going away and when you will be coming back.
  • Have someone you trust such as a family member, neighbour or a friend to check inside and outside your home every few days.
  • Keep any valuables out of sight from windows such as a TV's, laptops, consoles, artwork or Jewelry. 
  • Check the value of your High Value Home possessions such as watches, jewelry, collectables and artwork to ensure you're not underinsured and keep them in a safe when leaving your home is unattended. 
  • Keep any outside tools locked away so any potential thieves aren’t easily able to use them to break into your home.
  • Install outside lighting this can help to alert neighbours for any potential intruders.
  • Install a comprehensive security alarm and ensure this is turned on during your holiday.
  • Let your insurer know if you’re planning a trip for longer than 30 consecutive days, you may have endorsements that apply after your home is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days. When a property is unoccupied for an extended period of time insurers usually stipulate a variety of endorsements on your Personal Insurance policy that would need to be adhered for cover to remain valid. These could include the property inspected every 7 days and a record kept of each visit, turning off electricity gas and water supplies, heating left on during the winter months and security alarms in place. You may require a specialist Unoccupied Property Insurance policy for long periods of unoccupancy or if you have Holiday or Second home.

Bespoke Travel Insurance

At Higos, we provide travel insurance that’s genuinely tailored to your travel plans. And if you’re going somewhere off the beaten track or indulging your passion for extreme sports, we can help there too – even if you’re 95 years old or you have an existing medical condition. There’s nothing we love more than finding you the right insurance so you can be confident you're thoroughly protected. That’s why we’ve built a friendly Travel Insurance team to provide you with specialist insurance cover, specifically tailored for your travel plans.

If the unexpected should happen, we have a friendly in-house claims team ready to provide a prompt and personal service.

If you’re interested in speaking to a chartered insurance broker for advice or a quotation for Travel Insurance get in contact with us at Higos. Alternatively fill out our online request a call-back form and a member from our specialist Travel Insurance team will call you back.


Our Specialist Travel Insurance cover can include:

  • Cover up to the age of 100
  • Long stay and one-way trips
  • Group Travel
  • High risk travel insurance for existing or pre-existing medical conditions, such as cancer, heart or terminal illness.

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