What Insurance Do I Need For A Thatched Property?

At Higos we love providing house insurance for thatched properties. Thatched roofs are a staple of British culture and look amazing. Aside from being stylish, thatched roofs are also incredibly practical. For thatched homeowners, there is a great deal of responsibility and maintenance that goes into owning such a unique property. As a chartered insurance broker, we know how to find you the best possible thatched roof insurance policy. We tailor our personal insurance cover around each homeowner to make sure you get the best possible cover at the most attractive price. Read on to find out more about the benefits of owning a thatched property and what kind of personal insurance you might require.

Benefits of a thatched roof

Thatched roofing dates back to England’s Bronze Age when people would use wheat or straw to insulate the tops of their houses. Roofing techniques have come a long way since then, but thatched roofs still provide fantastic levels of insulation. They keep homes warm in winter and cool in the summer. Thatched roofs are also very durable. When installed properly they last upwards of 60 years. Another real advantage of thatched roofs is that they are environmentally friendly. Thatch reed is normally grown and harvested without machinery and from local rural areas. Thatched roofs also add great character to a building, especially in the countryside.

Why do I need thatched roof house insurance?

If you have a thatched property, then it is a good idea to make sure you have the right level of thatched house insurance. Owning a house with a thatched roof comes with a number of key considerations. So, it is important to have a personal insurance policy with the right level of protection. Thatched roofs can pose a fire risk due to the flammability of the materials used. While you can take steps to prevent a fire, like having specially lined chimneys and spraying your roof with fire retardant, it is still beneficial to have to have thatched property insurance just in case.

Is house insurance for thatched properties more expensive?

As a rule, you can expect house insurance for thatched properties to be more expensive than normal house insurance. This is due to several factors including the increased fire risk, higher maintenance cost and specialist expertise required to work on a thatched roof. Insurers may require that you take certain precautions before starting a thatched roof insurance policy. Insurers may ask you to have your electrical wiring inspected or to have a certain number of fire extinguishers located in the property. At Higos we believe that every customer is different. This is why we tailor our personal insurance policies around your specific needs. For thatched house insurance we try to gain a deeper understanding of your situation, and then find you the most competitive quote.

Advantages of thatched roof insurance

There are several benefits of taking out thatched roof insurance on your property. Firstly, it gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered if there is an incident at your property. At Higos our thatched property insurance is underwritten by two of the UK’s leading thatch insurers. Our thatched roof house insurance policies can also include a full chimney survey and a fire risk assessment if your chimney uses solid fuel stoves. If you suffer an insured claim, the repairs can be expensive due to the specialist nature of the work involved. Thatched house insurance will cover any potential costs and make sure you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket.

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