Thatch Insurance FAQs

Like standard home insurance, a thatch insurance policy will protect your property in the event of damage but unlike a standard home policy, it will also protect you for damage to your thatched roof. The extra risks of thatching means that it can’t be covered by a standard policy. At Higos, we love to insure properties that need extra care, and we thrive on finding you the best thatched roof insurance from specialist insurers.

To maintain a thatched roof, you need to make sure that you allow it to dry well by removing leaves and plants that get caught in it. This allows rain to disperse and the sun to dry it thoroughly. You will also need to be aware of potential repairs that need carrying out.

Thatched roof maintenance will be a major part of your thatched property insurance policy and often it will be a pre-requisite for getting comprehensive thatch insurance cover. If you are ever unsure of how to maintain your thatch roof, or if it needs some work completing on it, you can always get in touch with a professional who will assess it.

Thatched roofs are more expensive to insure than standard properties because they present a higher fire risk. However, a Higos thatch insurance policy will give you the protection you need.

By talking to a chartered insurance broker, you can ensure your policy covers everything you need. We are always happy to discuss your thatch insurance policy and work out ways to make it the best option for you. We can also advise on other elements of your policy, including chimney surveys and fire risk assessments.

If you own a thatched property you will need to have a specialist thatched property insurance policy.

Buildings insurance can be complex if you have a non-standard construction property. That’s why we always recommend speaking to a specialist insurance broker, to make sure that you are not under or over insured.

Buying a thatched property is great idea if you want a more traditional looking home and enjoy being in the countryside. As with any house purchase, you need to consider lots of factors, including house insurance and home maintenance.

Thatched property insurance will make this decision easier because you can enjoy your home with peace of mind, as well as more information on how to maintain your property. If you ever have questions about thatch insurance, or what is required to get a good policy, feel free to get in touch with us.

You need to have a specialist house insurance for thatched properties because it is at higher risk of fire damage.

A specialist broker will be able to talk you through your thatch insurance needs, they will get to know you and your property so that they can find the best product for you. Thatched properties need extra care because they are rarer and at risk of damage from weather conditions and other external factors.

The average cost of thatched cottage insurance is higher than a home with a tiled roof because it has more risks and there are less insurers who will cover the property.

The cost of your policy varies from home to home, the age and fire safety precautions in the home can impact the cost of your policy. Make sure that you go through this with your insurance broker, because it will give them a better picture of exactly what you need when putting together your thatched roof house insurance policy.

A thatched roof comes with multiple expenses, including maintenance and specialist thatched roof house insurance.

The cost of thatched house insurance and maintenance of your roof varies between locations and between homes. Each thatched property is unique, which is why we love to insure them at Higos.

The best thatched property insurance comes from specialist insurance brokers, who can ensure that your policy covers the unique features of your home.

There is no one answer to thatch insurance policies because each home is unique. You can find the best insurance policy for you by contacting Higos and speaking to our team of experts, they will happily discuss your needs and find a policy to suit you.

The requirements for thatched roof insurance include sweeping the chimney annually or even twice a year depending on your policy conditions. You also need to keep two fire extinguishers in the home and carry out inspection by a thatcher within the last 10 years.

Not only do these requirements help to keep you safe but they must be completed in order for you to get your thatched property insurance cover in the first place. To find out more about the requirements for thatch insurance, give us a call.

To run a thatched roof pub, you will need various commercial insurance covers, but also a specialist thatched property insurance.

Running a business is complex and you want to make sure you are protected from all eventualities. If you own a pub, it is particularly important to have public liability and commercial property insurance. If your pub also has a thatched roof, you will need to take extra precautions to keep yourself and your customers safe. Speak to our commercial insurance team to get a quote that protects you.

You should always use a thatch insurance specialist when looking for a policy because it is a niche market, and a specialist broker will make sure your policy is bespoke and comprehensive.

At Higos, we have a team that is dedicated to thatched property insurance, so you will receive the best service and a cover that protects you. We will help through the whole process, from finding a bespoke policy to care after you have signed the dotted line.

You can get your thatched house insurance from Higos! We have a specialist team that will take the time to understand your needs and find an insurer that offers a comprehensive policy.

If you have any questions about thatched house insurance, call our team on 01458 675522 or click the call back button for a quote today. For specialist insurance, it has to be Higos.

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