Shooting & Field Insurance FAQs

What types of Shooting & Field Sports Insurance can Higos cover?

This hugely popular corporate entertainment can be covered by our archery insurance.

Non-profit & commercial clay pigeon shooting insurance including charity shoot days. From 10 years of age upwards, with no upper age limit.

Member to member cover is included within these policies. We can also offer shooting club insurance cover for one off events. For example, Charity to Mini Game fairs.

These can be tailored to cover up to 2 guests free of charge. Our game shooting insurance also covers foreign guns.

Non Profit and Commercial fishing club insurance. (Excluding Sea Fishing)

Higos shoot cancellation insurance covers for bad weather any-where in the UK. Up to 30% discount for two or more consecutive days treated separately. If a shot is fired prior to 11:00 am then the shoot is deemed to have proceeded.

This extension is available to Game Shoot £25.00 + IPT. This is an important consideration for game shooting insurance and management. We offer shooting club insurance* for beaters trailers including the transportation of the beaters around the shoot. The overall shoot liability insurance does not automatically cover this. We can also cover this policy extension to the wildfowl shooting insurance.

*In a non-Road Traffic Accident (RTA) situation.

Our extensive sports insurance covers the full range of activities to meet the needs of professional shooting and field sports activities.

Higos can insure gun dog trials including live shot training.

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Shooting & Field Sports Insurance

There are over 1.3 million shotgun licences in the UK. At Higos, we know that depending on your field sport, everyone’s insurance needs are slightly different. That’s why we offer a wide range of shooting club insurance products specifically tailored for your pursuit. From clay pigeon shooting to wildfowling, deer stalking to pest control.