Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal cover when you need it most. Most people think they are unlikely to become involved in a legal dispute but a bad experience with an employer, boundary dispute or a holiday from hell are all very common problems.


Family Legal Expenses

Family Legal Solutions will allow you to protect your legal rights without worrying about the cost.

What we cover - We can help you with:

  • Employment disputes such as unfair dismissal or redundancy
  • Disputes over the purchase of goods or services or private sale of goods
  • A dispute with a neighbour
  • A claim for injury or death against the person or organisation responsible
  • An investigation by HMRC into your personal tax affairs
  • Identity theft
  • Defending a prosecution that arises from a road traffic or work-related offence.

Property Owners

Being a landlord can provide a very good return on investment but it isn’t without its pitfalls. In an ideal world you would have a problem-free relationship with your tenants but in reality issues such as a dispute about the renewal of a lease, damage and dilapidation to your property and late or non-payment of rent can all prove an expensive headache.

Our product is specifically designed to address your needs as a commercial landlord.

We cover the legal costs arising from the following:

  • Damage to your property, nuisance and trespass
  • The repossession of your residential property
  • The recovery of rent arrears
  • A contract dispute for a holiday home.
  • You need expert legal advice quickly
  • You receive a notice of an enquiry into your tax or VAT returns
  • A Health & Safety inspection ends with a threat to prosecute your business

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