Travel Insurance

72 million holidays. Every one unique. In the UK we take over 72 million holidays overseas every year. And whether it’s a cruise in the Caribbean or walking The Great Wall of China, no two holidays are ever the same. So when it comes to insurance, why do so many travel insurance policies try and squeeze your holiday into a one-size-fits-all solution?

Our Specialist Travel Insurance cover can include:

  • Cover up to the age of 100
  • Long stay and one-way trips
  • Group Travel
  • Cover for existing or pre-existing medical conditions, such as cancer, heart or terminal illness.

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At Higos, we provide travel insurance that’s genuinely tailored to your travel plans. And if you’re going somewhere off the beaten track or indulging your passion for extreme sports, we can help there too – even if you’re 95 years old or you have an existing medical condition. With Higos, you always know you’re properly protected and can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.

Our travel insurance policies are available for individual trips or as an annual policy for multiple trips. We can arrange insurance for long-stay and one-way trips too. 


British Insurance Brokers Association Directory

We can usually arrange travel insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions. However, if for some reason we are unable to find you affordable travel insurance for your medical conditions, the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) has launched a directory listing companies that may be able to help you.

The directory can be accessed by calling 0370 950 1790 or by clicking on the link below.


A personal claims service you can rely on

If the unexpected should happen while you’re away, our personalised claims service is on hand to minimise the disruption to your holiday and settle your claim quickly and smoothly.

For a bespoke personal service and all the protection you need - without paying for cover you don’t - it has to be Higos.


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How Travelling In The EU On Or After The 1st January 2021 May Impact Your Clients Travel Insurance.

If your planning to travel in the EU on or after the 1st January 2021 you may no longer have access to free emergency medical insurance within the EU and without travel Insurance you could be charged for your healthcare needs.


Advice for Travel Insurance policyholders

When travelling abroad, please make sure you have your emergency travel insurance claims telephone number. Also remember to write down your policy number down in a few places where you can access it – perhaps on your smartphone notes app, in your wallet and in your hand luggage – just in case one of these is lost or stolen.


Biba Travel Medical directory

On the 27th January 2021 the FCA confirmed that the Biba Travel medical directory meets the criteria for a ‘medical cover firm directory’. Higos Insurance Services has been approved as a Travel Insurance specialist provider.