Thatched Property Insurance

Only 1 in 25,000 homes in the UK are thatched. And that's why we love insuring them. Because unlike insurers who shy away from homes that don’t fit the norm or easily tick all the boxes, our knowledgeable, specialist thatched roof insurance team relishes finding you excellent levels of cover for your thatched home – and at a competitive price.


We get to know you and your individual insurance needs

Whether it’s your main home, second or holiday home, holiday let, long-term let or unoccupied property, our experience, market knowledge and reputation allow us to access a broad range of products from our panel of thatched cottage insurance specialists. We get to understand the specific details of your home, the fuel you burn and, of course, details about your roof. We even offer our own thatch insurance scheme underwritten by Fairmead Insurance Limited. It includes a fully funded chimney survey and fire risk assessment if the chimneys used by solid fuel stoves.


Why is it important that I have specialist thatched house insurance?

Just like any homeowner, you want to be reassured that you are financially protected if an unexpected event occurs. With a thatched roof, the risks of fire damage and general roof decay are much higher and therefore require more care, both in terms of manual labour and a bespoke house insurance for thatched properties.

Don’t let this put you off!

The extra maintenance for a thatched roof is worthwhile, not only does it contribute to the traditional and historical aesthetic of your home, but it is also a fantastic sound proofer and insulator! Thatched roof house insurance doesn’t have to be complicated, speak to our knowledgeable team and we will find you a bespoke policy, that factors in your home and lifestyle.

Our Thatch Insurance can include:

  • Our own thatch insurance scheme with an A rated leading UK thatch insurer
  • A fully funded chimney survey for solid fuel stoves
  • A fire risk assessment if your chimney is used by solid fuel stoves.

Call our thatched house insurance team on 01458 270324 or click the call back button for a quote today.

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A personal claims service you can rely on

Accidents happen and the unexpected occurs. So, our in-house specialist thatched property insurance claims team is here for you when you need to make a claim, giving you all the reassurance and support you need, when you need it most.

For a friendly, expert and personal service and all the thatch insurance protection you need - without paying for cover you don’t - it has to be Higos.


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