Flood Risk Insurance

According to the Environment Agency, one in 12 homes in the UK is now at risk from flooding – from rivers, surface water or the sea. And with our climate becoming increasingly unpredictable, there’s a good chance the risk will increase further still. 


We get to know you and your individual insurance needs

At Higos we understand how frustrating and worrying it can be trying to find household insurance if your property is located within a flood risk area. But unlike other insurers who may shy away from homes in areas at risk of flooding, our experienced, knowledgeable non-standard property team will work hard to find you the cover and peace of mind you need. And because we work with insurers who have signed up to Flood RE, you’ll find our cover is affordable too.

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A personal claims service you can rely on

Accidents happen and the unexpected occurs. So our personal claims team is here for you when you need to make a claim, giving you all the reassurance and support you need, when you need it most.

For a bespoke personal service and all the protection you need - without paying for cover you don’t - it has to be Higos.


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Our Floor Risk cover can include:

  • Buildings & Contents  
  • Properties in high flood risk areas.

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Free mid-term review

Even if your policy isn't due for renewal now, we'd be happy to offer you a free, no obligation assessment of your current levels of cover

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