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    At Higos we understand how disruptive it can be if you, or a colleague, are unable to work. Our Locum Insurance scheme can help you meet these costs at a difficult time.

    Having to use a locum can often be a heavy and unplanned expense for a GP, Vet or Consultant. As a scarce resource, a locum can command generous fees and, if you are not properly insured, a lengthy absence could cost your practice dearly.

    Locum Insurance from Higos can assist you with the expense of:

    • Protecting you against the cost of paying for a locum, whilst a GP or Vet is off work due to sickness or injury
    • Covering you for up to the first year of illness, after which time any permanent health insurance that you have taken out should start to operate or a replacement GP, Vet or Consultant can be sought
    • Giving peace of mind that your practice can adequately pay locum salaries promptly

    Circumstances in which you can claim include:

    • Deferred period on accident claims reimbursed
    • Jury Service Cover
    • GP Suspension Cover
    • Family Illness cover
    • Maternity leave single benefit of £5,000
    • Adoption and paternity leave covered
    • Worldwide Accident and Sickness

    We also offer an instalment payment option, conveniently spread over 10 months.

    If you would like to discuss Locum Insurance contact Higos today on 01458 270 462 or email us at