3 Professions That Need Professional Indemnity Insurance

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With the unique risks and responsibilities that certain professions can face on a day-to-day basis, professional indemnity insurance has become a crucial safeguard for a wide range of businesses over the years. In this blog, we’re looking at three examples of professions that should prioritise finding suitable professional indemnity cover.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Explained

Professional indemnity cover – often known as PI insurance – is designed to protect individuals and businesses against claims of professional negligence, confidentiality breach, and infringement of intellectual property rights. If a professional is found to have provided negligent services, they may be sued by their clients for damages and the resultant legal action can incur thousands of pounds in legal costs. PI insurance provides coverage for these legal costs (for claims whether successful or not) as well as any compensation payments.

In essence, professional indemnity insurance provides an essential safety net. It offers a level of indemnity cover to protect against regulatory requirements and possible financial loss, ensuring that professionals can conduct business with confidence.

Examples Of Professions That Need Professional Indemnity Cover


Solicitors are legal professionals who provide legal advice and representation to their clients. Given the complexity of the legal system and the high stakes involved, it's not surprising that solicitors need professional indemnity insurance. Professional Indemnity is required as per SRA regulation.

Generally speaking, solicitors can often face claims of professional negligence, breach of confidentiality, and unintentional breach of intellectual property rights, among other issues. Such claims can result in legal costs and compensation payments that can run into thousands of pounds. Without PI insurance, solicitors risk facing financial ruin and may have to close their practice.

Professional indemnity insurance policies for solicitors provide cover for claims arising from negligent services or alleged mistakes made while providing legal advice or representation. It also covers legal costs associated with defending against such claims.

In addition to regulatory requirements, PI cover may also be a contractual requirement before solicitors can start work. This insurance provides peace of mind to solicitors and their clients, who can rest assured that they are protected in the event of a claim.


Architects are responsible for designing and supervising the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures. These responsibilities include ensuring that these structures meet safety, functionality, and design requirements. However, in the event of any design flaws, defects in the construction, or failure to follow the agreed-upon specifications, an architect can be held liable by their clients. Such errors can result in significant financial losses and legal action against the architect. Without a professional indemnity insurance policy, an architect would have no protection against such claims.

Professional indemnity insurance for architects provides cover for claims arising from alleged mistakes, breaches of professional conduct, negligence, or errors in judgement. A suitable PI policy will also cover legal costs and compensation payments in case of a successful claim. Just bear in mind that the level of indemnity cover required by regulatory bodies will vary depending on the size of the project and the nature of the work.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers provide professional services that involve direct interaction with clients. They provide fitness advice, create workout programs, and offer guidance on nutrition. Any negligence on their part may result in physical harm to their clients, leading to claims of professional negligence. In turn, personal trainers may face legal action from clients who believe they suffered injuries or harm due to the trainer's advice or guidance. With that in mind, it’s crucial for personal trainers to have professional indemnity insurance to protect themselves from any potential claims.

Professional indemnity cover for personal trainers can also cover legal costs in case of claims for breach of confidentiality, unintentional breach of intellectual property rights, and contractual requirements. When deciding what level of PI cover a personal trainer needs, they should consider the unique risks of their clients and find a policy to suit their budget.

Professional Indemnity Insurance From Higos

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