House Insurance Vs Thatched Roof Insurance

Cottage with thatched roof surrounded by green foliage

Knowing which cover to choose for your property can be a difficult process. Our experts are on hand to explain why your home may need thatched roof insurance.

What Is Thatch Insurance?

Thatched property insurance is a type of house insurance. This means it will cover damage to the structure of your property from events such as fires, storms or vandalism.

More specifically however, thatch insurance is intended for – you guessed it – properties with a thatched roof. These types of property come with their own unique risks and hazards, and so specialist cover is required to ensure your home is adequately protected.

Will Regular House Insurance Cover A Thatched Property?

As mentioned, a thatched home faces different risks to those of a normal home. For example, while a thatched roof isn’t necessarily more likely to catch fire than a standard roof, the materials mean the potential damage could be much worse if it does. Due to this, regular house insurance won’t cover a thatched property. Instead, you would need specialist thatched cottage insurance that is designed to cover for these dangers.

As a general rule, a thatched roof insurance provider will require you to undertake a few steps to protect your property from these risks. For example, you’ll need fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, as well as having the thatched roof regularly checked by skilled tradespeople.

On the plus side, a well-maintained thatched roof can last for fifty years or more. If you’re considering purchasing a thatched property, see our helpful tips and advice here.

Thatched Cottage Insurance Protects More Than Just Your Roof

Another notable feature of thatched roof insurance is that it provides cover for more than just the roof itself.

Our specialist thatch insurance policies available from Higos factor in the unique features of your home, and take into account that damage to the roof can often stretch to other parts of the building. For example, if a thatched roof were to catch fire, this is likely to cause considerable damage to the property’s walls, chimney and contents. Choosing the right thatched house insurance can offer protection to the whole property should this happen.

Are you interested in speaking to a chartered insurance broker to protect your own home or property? Get in touch with our expert team at Higos and we will be happy to discuss your unique thatched roof insurance needs. We aim to find you the best specialist cover to protect your property and give you peace of mind.

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