How Do I Find Thatched Roof Insurance?

A picturesque cottage with a thatched roof and rustic brickwork, windows and door surrounded by well-tended foliage

Finding the right house insurance for your property can often be tricky, and it can become trickier still if you’re looking for house insurance for thatched property. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But don’t panic. At Higos, we have over 56 years of combined experience in the industry and are specialists in providing thatch insurance to our customers.

Is Thatched House Insurance The Same As Regular House Insurance?

Before getting started, it’s good to understand the difference between regular and thatched house insurance. That’s because a thatched roof is considered non-standard and therefore won’t be protected under a normal house insurance policy.

Thatched roofs require different levels of maintenance and come with a number of different benefits and risks. Not only that, but many thatched properties are also historically listed buildings. As a result, many house insurance providers won’t be able to offer thatched house insurance.

Due to the unique nature of thatched roofs, it’s important to ensure you’re finding the right thatched house insurance that will cover you if you need to make a claim.

What Thatched Cottage Insurance Do I Need?

Thatched roofs can be at greater risk of fire damage and will generally be more expensive to maintain and replace than normal roofs, so finding the right thatch insurance is key.

By going to a house insurance specialist like Higos, we can find you a thatched roof insurance policy that will include:

Buildings Insurance

This will cover the core structure of your thatched property, and any permanent fixtures and fittings.

Contents Insurance

This will cover the belongings inside your home. Depending on the policy, this can also include any items in your garden, shed and outbuildings too.

Cover For Fire, Storms And Floods

As the heading suggests, this will provide cover for fire, storm and flood damage, as well as theft.

Where Can I Get House Insurance For Thatched Properties?

If you’re looking for thatched house insurance, you need look no further. At Higos, we’re certified by the Standard Chartered Institute and will take the time to discuss every aspect of your property. In the event you need to make a claim, this will ensure your property isn’t underinsured and that your thatched roof insurance is giving you the full coverage you need.

Our thatched property insurance is underwritten by two of the UK’s leading thatch insurers. As well as discussing your property in depth to understand the full scale of your needs, our thatch insurance policies can also include a full chimney survey and a fire risk assessment if your chimney uses solid fuel stoves. Either way, we’ll help you find the best thatched house insurance to cover any potential costs, and give both you and your home that welcome peace of mind.

If you’d like to speak to one of our specialist thatched property insurance team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01458 675522 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process, or fill out our online call-back form and we’ll get back to you at a time of your choosing.

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