How To Prepare Electric Vehicles For Winter

At Higos, we understand by 2035 the government plan for all new cars to be sold as electric vehicles only, in order to help reduce emissions and stop climate change. Whilst electric vehicle purchases are on the rise, it's important to be aware of how electric vehicles may differ from petrol or diesel cars, particularly the up keep of them during the winter season.

Electric Vehicle Winter Preparation Tips

Whilst driving any vehicle in wintery weather can be hazardous, with low visibility and poor road conditions, the colder, wetter weather tend to cause more problems for Electric vehicles. Considering the financial investment purchasing an electric vehicle can be, not properly maintaining them can potentially result in financial losses. Preparing your electric vehicle for wintery conditions can help to minimise road risks, breakdowns and substantial losses.

  • Cover Electric Vehicles – Covering the vehicle when its not in use particularly for long periods of time will help to provide insulation and help stop the vehicle from freezing during frosty conditions.
  • Check tyres - Regularly checking the condition of the tyres, alignment and the tyre pressure can help minimise road risk particularly icy weather.
  • Keep anti-freeze topped up- Keeping the anti-freeze topped up can help ensure optimal battery performance and longevity
  • Keep battery topped up - Crucial for electric vehicles as the colder temperatures and moisture can reduce an electric vehicles battery.
  • Prepare time for charging battery - Cold weather can impact charging times for electric vehicles, taking longer to charge by a couple more hours for a full charge.
  • Check for dislodged snow and grit (This can corrode the metal or paint over time)
  • De-icing - De-ice glass with de-icer and gently score and scrape till glass is clear.
  • Monitor weather conditions - Check the forecast before heading on a trip.
  • Utilise pre heat options - The best way to warm up an electric vehicle that’s been exposed to cold weather is to use the pre-heat function to help warm and defrost the car.
  • Winter Tyres - Having winter tyres on electric vehicles can help to improve traction and grip into snow and ice with the additional grooves on the tyres.
  • Drive slower – Driving slower can significantly improve your electric car’s range.
  • Use eco-mode – Most electric car’s will be fitted with an eco-mode which can help to focus the battery power when needed and away from the heaters, speakers, and gadgets.

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