Who Is Covered By A Sports Club Insurance Policy?

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As a sports club manager, the safety and well-being of your members, staff, and volunteers will always be a top priority. Whether you run a cricket, football, or tennis club – or another type of sports club entirely – having comprehensive insurance coverage is essential to protect against unforeseen events and potential liabilities. Sports club insurance is a versatile solution that can be tailored to cover almost anyone associated with the club, providing the peace of mind needed to focus on the next game.

The Flexibility Of Sports Club Insurance

One of the key advantages of sports club insurance is its flexibility. By using a chartered insurance broker such as Higos, your insurance policy can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your specific club and sport. Whether you operate a small local club or a larger organisation, our team of specialists will take their time to understand your needs and design a policy that ensures comprehensive coverage.

Essential Cover: Employer’s Liability

As a minimum, all sports club managers must have Employer’s Liability insurance. This is a crucial component of sports club liability insurance, providing protection in case a staff member is injured while working. A policy ensures that your club is financially protected from potential legal claims arising from any such workplace injuries.

Coverage For Volunteers

Volunteers often play a significant role in the functioning of sports clubs. From coaches and referees to event organisers and administrative staff, volunteers contribute their time and effort to make the club successful. Should it be needed, sports club liability insurance can cover volunteers, offering them protection should they be injured while carrying out club-related duties.

Insuring Teams & Players

It’s important to note that while sports club insurance offers extensive coverage for staff and volunteers, it typically does not cover players. This means that if a player sustains an injury during a game or practice session, the insurance policy won’t provide financial compensation for medical expenses or related claims.

To ensure that players are adequately covered, sports clubs may need to consider an additional element to their sports club insurance policy. Depending on the level of competition and the potential risks involved, managers can explore options such as player accident insurance or personal injury cover. This supplemental coverage can provide benefits to players in case of injuries during club activities. If you’re interested in including cover for teams and players, speak to us at Higos and our specialist team will be happy to tailor a policy around your club.

Coverage For Different Sports Clubs

Each sports club has its unique set of risks and requirements. Let’s take a closer look at how specific types of sports clubs can tailor their insurance coverage:

  • Cricket Club Insurance – Cricket clubs may need to consider coverage for club equipment, including bats, balls, and protective gear. Coverage for cricket nets and the club’s pavilion can also be included in the policy.
  • Football Club Insurance – Football clubs might focus on coverage for field maintenance equipment, goal posts, spectator stands, as well as any club facilities such as the clubhouse and changing rooms. As football is a contact sport, it’s also worth considering an extra policy for player injuries.
  • Tennis Club Insurance – Tennis clubs should prioritise coverage for their tennis courts, as well as maintenance equipment, nets, and fencing.
  • Badminton Club Insurance- As with tennis club insurance, badminton clubs should similarly focus on court surfaces and nets.
  • Bowling Club Insurance – Bowling clubs will want to ensure coverage for the bowling lawn, as well as any surrounding grounds including spectator seating and pavilion.
  • Rugby Club Insurance – Rugby clubs may need to think about coverage for the playing field, including goal posts and maintenance equipment.
  • Boxing Club Insurance – Boxing clubs should look into coverage for equipment including boxing rings, bags, gloves, and pads.

Sports Club Insurance From Higos

A sports club insurance policy is vital for protecting the interests of any sports club, with essential coverage for equipment as well as staff and volunteers. At Higos, we can tailor the policy to meet the specific needs of your club, ensuring comprehensive coverage and financial security. With the right insurance in place, your sports club can then focus on what it does best – providing an enjoyable and safe sporting experience for your members and community.

Are you interested in finding out more about our sports club insurance and sports club liability insurance policies? Get in touch today! We aim to find the most suitable cover to give you and your club peace of mind.

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