Why Your Clients Should Use Commercial Property Insurance

If any of your clients are property owners that are trading as a limited company, it is important to have commercial property insurance. Our commercial property insurance experts are here to help find your clients cover that 100% tailored to their unique needs. We provide business insurance for commercial premises, property management companies, property portfolios and blocks of flats. At Higos we’ll provide your clients with the correct level of business protection. Our commercial property insurance can provide cover for commercial liability insurance and directors and officers insurance.

Benefits for our commercial property insurance for limited companies:

Commercial Liability Insurance

If your clients run a limited company and they have more than one employee or director, they will need commercial liability insurance. Even if they've only got close family members as staff, they will still be required to have commercial liability insurance.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Over 2 million directors, partners and officers in the UK are taking on the extra responsibilities that come with running a limited company. It can be highly rewarding but in an increasingly litigious society, it also makes you personally answerable to any claims made against you and your personal assess vulnerable. This can include personal claims by employees, claims by shareholders where investments have been devalued by your actions. Or personal investigations by regulators (such as Health & Safety). To protect personal assets, it is important to have directors and offices insurance in place in case a claim is made.

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