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Personal Insurance FAQs

At Higos, we understand that knowing what you need to insure and how it works can be confusing. Our range of personal insurance types is made to suit the individual instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Below we will answer some of the most common questions we receive regarding personal insurance, the different types available, and how they work.

Personal insurance refers to an insurance policy that is related to you as a person, rather than a business (which is classed as commercial insurance).

There are many different types of personal insurance, and with Higos each type of insurance that you need can be tailored specifically to your needs. The most common examples are home, contents, and car insurance.

Personal liability insurance is a type of insurance cover that refers specifically to individuals in the event that you are involved in injury or damage to a third party.

This type of cover is usually included within other types of personal insurance, such as car insurance or home insurance, rather than something you can take out specifically.

Find more information about what personal liability insurance is.

In many ways, personal and public liability insurance are very similar. They both protect you in the event someone claims against you for personal injury or damage. However, personal liability covers you as a person, whereas public liability protects businesses specifically against claims made by the public.

Public liability is often included in wider business cover, such as insurance for shops or agencies. Personal liability insurance, similarly, is often included in your personal cover, such as your car or travel insurance.

Personal liability insurance generally covers the legal costs or cost of damages that you are asked to pay as compensation in the event of a claim.

For example, if a guest entered your home and was injured by slipping on a wet floor or by something that could be inferred to be your fault. With personal liability insurance, you could be covered for the cost of any damages or compensation you are required to pay.

Umbrella insurance is an extra type of cover that provides protection beyond the coverage of your existing policies.

For example, your existing home or car insurance could cover only a certain amount of compensation or damages. Having an umbrella insurance policy can take these limits and increase them, protecting you against larger claims. It may also cover certain events that your other policies do not include.

Personal liability insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK. However, certain types of personal insurance (which will often include personal liability cover) are. For example, if you own a vehicle that is road-worthy in the UK and it is being used, it is a legal requirement to have car insurance on the vehicle.

There are many different types of personal insurance that cover different aspects of your life. As we’ve already discussed, home and car insurance are the most common. Generally, anything you own that you would like to protect can be covered by a type of personal insurance.

At Higos, we offer a wide range of personal insurance to suit your needs, including:

For more information on the types of personal insurance we offer and how we tailor our policies to match your requirement, get in touch.