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Winter sun: a guide to finding the right travel insurance


Winter sun: a guide to finding the right travel insurance

Many people often doubt the importance of having the right travel insurance policy and purchase the cheapest policy they can find. As a result, travellers are often caught out when needing to claim as their policies can exclude crucial cover.

What is the point of travel insurance and why should we have it?

Holidays cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds yet some people don’t feel these prices are worthy of insuring. So far in 2017, 25% of travellers have gone abroad without any insurance including a staggering 40% of 18-24 year olds.

But what happens if your holiday or flight is cancelled due to a situation that is out of your hands?

Throughout the years many airlines and holiday providers have suddenly gone out of business with so many people being affected by cancellations.

Earlier this month (October 2017) the well-known budget airline Monarch went into administration causing around 300,000 holidays and flights to be unexpectedly cancelled, with 110,000 people abroad at the time of the announcement. Alongside this thousands of Ryanair flights were cancelled as a result of a shortage of pilots which meant over 400,000 people were told they cannot fly due to cancellations.

By law, airlines are expected to pay compensation when flights are cancelled, however this is not the case when companies go into administration. This is where it is crucial to have the right protection in place.

Most flights are ATOL (Air Travel Organisers Licence) protected, which means if a company suddenly goes out of business, flights will be refunded through this scheme. It is not a legal requirement for flights to be ATOL protected and the right insurance policy can protect you from losing money should an unprotected flight be cancelled.

Insurance is there to cover costs when things don’t go to plan so it is important to check you are fully protected before purchasing your travel insurance.

At Higos, we have access to over 280 markets and can find you a travel policy to fit your exact requirements giving you peace of mind on your holiday.

What to look for when buying travel insurance:
  • Make sure it covers your costs – cheaper is not always better. Do not opt for a cheap policy and end up paying more in the event of a claim because you are not fully protected. Cheaper policies can also miss out essential cover, leaving you to pay out for something you thought you were covered for.
  • Check your excess – It’s better to pay a few pounds more for your insurance to have a much lower excess than risking cheap insurance and paying out a lot in the event of a claim. For example, an excess of £200-£300 far exceeds a short haul flight cost, therefore should your flight get cancelled, a claim would be pointless.
  • Check what the insurer classes as an ‘act of God’ – an ‘act of God’ clause is usually determined as natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes etc. It is advisable however to always check what the insurer includes for this to ensure they are covering you for scenarios out of your control which may occur.
  • Does your policy cover baggage loss or damage? Do you need this on your policy or is it covered in your contents insurance?
  • If you are partaking in hazardous or sporting activities, the insurer will need to be aware of this to provide adequate protection.
  • Existing and pre-existing medical conditions must be declared to protect you should you need medical care on holiday. Some medical cover amounts to £10 million or more reflecting the potential costs you can incur if you are uninsured and need medical care.

Having unsuitable travel insurance can have a huge impact if you need to make a claim and it is very high risk to have no insurance at all.

After returning from a relaxing holiday, the last thing you need is the stress of handling a claim which is why Higos have a dedicated in-house claims team to deal with this on your behalf. Our claims team are on hand to offer support and advice and will deal with the process for you, taking any unnecessary hassle away from you.

To talk to one of our dedicated travel team, call 01458 270 374 to discuss your requirements or complete our online quote request form.

To find out more about what Higos can offer, visit our travel insurance or specialist travel insurance pages.

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