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Care Providers Insurance FAQs

At Higos, we understand that each carer is different. We also understand that each policy for care providers insurance is different too. Whether you work for a larger care company or need individual private care insurance, we can help.

Before taking out a care provider’s insurance policy, it’s worth considering becoming CQC registered. Not only will this give you more credibility, but it also means you can get the best deal on insurance for carers. However, we can also help you if you are not CQC registered. Feel free to give our expert team a call.

Do carers need business car insurance?

Yes, you must include business car insurance in your domiciliary care insurance package if you are an at-home care provider and you want to use your car to take clients out.

This is a vital part of your care provider’s insurance. If you were to have an accident and you are not sufficiently covered, you would be liable for any claims that need to be made. If you need to discuss your business car insurance for carers, or any other aspect of your policy, give our expert team a call on 01458 270323.

Do carers have to have insurance?

It is vital that you have professional and public liability insurance for carers if you are a self-employed domiciliary carer. This protects you in the event of a claim and ensures that you aren’t at risk if there is an injury or accident whilst you are looking after a client.

At Higos, we can help you if you need a domiciliary care insurance policy, whether you are CQC registered or not. However, CQC registration is something we recommend considering if you are planning on becoming a carer as it gives you credibility and protection.

Do I need employer’s liability insurance if I have a care company?

It is a legal requirement for you to have employer’s liability insurance if you employ people in any sector. It is especially important if you run a care company or employ a paid carer because of the higher risks involved with the job.

Insurance for carers is a complex policy, so seeking advice from chartered insurance brokers is a good idea to ensure that you have comprehensive cover.

Do I need public liability insurance if I am a carer?

Yes, as a domiciliary carer, you need to have professional and public liability insurance for carers.

Care providers insurance can protect you from all kinds of claims. With our in-house claims team, we have experts on hand whenever you need them. At Higos we work with top insurers to make sure you are never underinsured or overpaying. This means that your carers liability insurance policy has everything you need, including public and professional liability.

Do I need insurance if I am a self-employed carer?

As a self-employed carer, you will need to include public and professional liability in your domiciliary care insurance policy. Insurance is vital for protecting yourself in your line of work and maintaining credibility.

Insurance for carers can include a range of covers, including business car insurance for carers. If you offer hospital trips or visits out for your clients, you will need to make sure you include this in your cover. At Higos, we understand that domiciliary care offers a special service involving many different aspects, and we will work hard to keep you protected.

Are domiciliary carers insured?

Domiciliary carers should be insured and ideally CQC registered. This proves that they are fully qualified and gives peace of mind if hiring one to look after yourself or a loved one.

At Higos, we are specialists in care providers insurance for at-home care and can help CQC carers with all aspects of their policy. If you are hiring an at-home carer, we recommend that you also get employer’s liability insurance. This will protect you if your carer is injured or falls ill whilst working.

What insurance do I need to be a live-in carer?

Live-in or home carers need to have a bespoke insurance for carers policy to protect them from any risks involved in the job. However, we recommend as a minimum to get public and professional liability insurance for carers.

If you drive clients around, you will also need to have business car insurance for carers. This is because you need an extra layer of cover to protect you if there is an accident during business use. To discuss your care provider insurance needs, don’t hesitate to request a call back from our expert team.

What insurance do you need for domiciliary care?

As a domiciliary carer, we recommend that you get public liability insurance for carers as well as professional indemnity.

If you are a care company director or owner, it is a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance as well. Give our team of chartered insurance brokers a call to discuss your care providers insurance needs.

Do you need business insurance for domiciliary care?

If you are a self-employed carer or work for a firm, you will need business car insurance for carers to drive your clients to appointments, as well as public liability insurance when carrying out treatment.

It is important to note that it is harder to find a policy if you have never had care providers insurance before. With this in mind, we recommend speaking to a chartered insurance broker and initially being a part of a care company, as they will have cover to protect employees.

How much is carer insurance?

The cost of insurance for carers varies depending on the level of cover you need. If you administer medical care, it will likely be a lot more expensive. Likewise, if you run a care company, you should expect to pay higher premiums.

Our team of friendly experts will guide you through the whole process of getting care providers insurance from start to finish. You can speak to our team by calling 01458 270323 or by filling out our online call back form.

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