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New 3 Year Fixed Rate Thatched Home Insurance PolicyMonday 4th August 2008

Thatched HouseThe Thatched Owners Group (TOG) have developed with Higos Insurance Services a new 3 year fixed rate home insurance policy specifically designed for thatched properties.

Under the 3 year policy, premium rates stay the same for the whole period of cover.  In addition, the policy offers a 5% discount on standard rates over the term.  As chimneys are one of the main causes of fire in thatched properties, customers will also qualify for a free chimney inspection to ensure the safety of their open fires.   To help reduce the fire risk even further, the policy also offers a 15% discount on premiums for installation of a chimney heat monitor which provides a warning if the chimney is overheating.  The chimney monitor has been developed using the latest technology by TOG specifically for thatched properties.  The monitor is available at over £100 off the standard price to customers.

Tim New of the Thatched Owners Group welcomed the launch saying “TOG have been market leaders in services to owners of thatched properties for many years.  We are very excited about our new arrangement with Higos which allows us to offer one of the best deals on the market for insurance for thatched homes.”
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