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Higos Sponsor Invest In Bridgwater EventWednesday 1st May 2013

Higos Insurance Services Ltd was delighted to have the opportunity to be involved with the ‘Invest in Bridgwater’ event at Bridgwater College on Tuesday 29 April. 

The event – hosted by Insider – featured a number of interesting presentations from thriving organisations within the Bridgwater region, including  Phil Wade of Bridgwater Gateway Ltd and Doug Bamsey of Sedgemoor District Council.

David Eccles, head of the EDF’s Bridgwater office, gave the latest update on the Hinkley Point C development and advised companies how they can become involved by registering on the Supply Chain website, which is being managed by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

Donal Henry, Corporate Business Manager at Higos Insurance Services Ltd, explained how Higos is continuing to grow its presence both in Bridgwater through the local branch in North Street, as well as across the South West region.  Donal mentioned how Higos loves to work with local businesses and how Higos offer a range of insurance solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes in all industries. 

Donal concluded by explaining how Higos can provide insurance cover for businesses involved in the construction and operation of nuclear power facilities such as Hinkley Point.

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