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Warning of Potential Fire Service StrikesWednesday 29th October 2014

The Fire Brigade Union has announced that firefighters in England will strike for four days from 18:00 on 31 October until 18:00 on 4 November.

Whilst the strike does not increase the risk of a fire starting, it could increase the potential damage caused due to limited resources and slower response times. Be aware that 999 calls where lives are potentially at risk are likely to take priority over incidents where only the building is being damaged.

During this time it is important for businesses to take every precaution to reduce the risk of a fire starting or spreading; please click here for further information on precautions which can be taken during the strikes.

The time of year will also have an impact on your homes, so if building a bonfire, to reduce the risk of fire spreading please:

  • Build the bonfire away from sheds, fences and trees
  • Check there are no cables - like telephone wires - above the bonfire
  • Don’t use petrol or paraffin to get the fire going – it may get out of control quickly
  • As a rule of thumb the bonfire should be a minimum of five times its height from property
  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby - in case of emergencies
  • Don’t leave the bonfire unattended
  • Keep children and pets away from the bonfire
  • Don’t throw any fireworks into the fire
  • Don't burn aerosols, tyres, canisters or anything containing foam or paint - many produce toxic fumes and some containers may explode, causing injury

Once the bonfire has died down, spray the embers with water to stop it reigniting.

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