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Home Works Insurance - For Home Contract Works 

At Higos we love different, that’s why we’re constantly developing, and looking for new ways to provide our clients with wider and better cover. In light of Covid-19, we understand that homeowners are less likely to be selling their homes and more likely to concentrate on renovating their existing home instead.

We are delighted to announce our new bespoke Home Works insurance package, providing cover for the existing structure, contract works, homeowners liability and buildings and contents whilst your property is being renovated, refurbished or under construction.

Our bespoke product is underwritten by specialist underwriters who fully understand the importance of having the right cover in place, especially the contractual obligations risk homeowners face during any contract works.

Our product is simple and 100% tailored to your needs, so you can have peace of mind that your home is properly protected during any contract works. So whether if it’s your main home or second home, our specialist team will get to know your exact situation before using their knowledge, experience and reputation to find excellent levels of tailored cover.

The differences with standard home insurance

Most conventional home insurance policy’s won’t cover the added risk with contract works taking place inside the home, insurers can remove cover entirely or alternatively the insurer reduces cover to minimum cover. Our Home Works product will provide cover you need, keeping you thoroughly protected while contact works are taking place, whilst still providing cover for your standard home insurance perils.

Some of the main risks imposed by contract works include the following:

  • Removal of doors, windows and roofs,

  • Delivery of plant and machinery,

  • An increased number of individuals with access to the property,

  • The application of heat during the works,

  • Debris

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