How To Prepare Your Commercial Building For Autumn

At Higos, we understand as we head into autumn with colder and wetter weather, taking the time to maintain your commercial building can be essential to help avoid common issues arising. Whether you manage an office or the landlord of a single or portfolio of commercial properties, planning ahead with a seasonal to do list can help to keep on top of the most common problems impacting your commercial property.

Autumn Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

We’ve put together an autumn commercial building maintenance checklist so you can keep on top of things over the season:

Check Lighting

Having the exterior and interior of your business premise well-lit such as hallways, entries, exits, walkways, sidewalks, loading docks and parking can help prevent any potential accidents such as slips or falls.

Check Outdoor Areas

  • Remove any wet leaves and branches from walkways and parking to help reduce potential slip hazards.
  • Keep grit aside for snow and icy walkways to help reduce slips and falls.
  • Check walkways and parking for cracks to reduce slips and falls.

Check Gutters

  • Clean drains and clear gutters from any debris and leaf build ups this can help prevent any water damage and mould.
  • Repair leaking gutters and down pipes so the water drains properly this can cause water damage to walkways and property foundations and reduce ice build ups.

Check Roof

  • Inspect the roof for any missing or loose tiles before rainy wintry weather approaches.

Check Windows

  • Check window seals and wall cracks for weak areas to help reduce any heat loss and associated energy bills.

Check Smoke Alarms

  • Test smoke alarms to help reduce risk of fire.

Check Heating

  • Service heating systems You want to be sure your heating system is fully working for when the colder weather hits.

Check Plumbing

  • Have a professional plumber inspect the condition of your plumbing systems annually, this can help reduce water leaks and blockages.
  • Check exterior plumbing pipes are securely fastened in place to the wall to avoid injury or damage.

Bespoke Commercial Property Insurance

At Higos, we understand no two buildings are ever exactly the same and there’s nothing we love more than finding you the right insurance so you can be confident you're thoroughly protected. That's why we’ve built a friendly, expert Commercial Property Insurance team to provide bespoke, specialist insurance cover, specifically tailored to you.

If the unexpected should happen, we have a friendly in-house claims team ready to provide a prompt and personal service.

If you’re interested in speaking to a chartered insurance broker for advice or a quotation for Commercial Property Insurance get in contact with us at Higos. Alternatively fill out our online request a call-back form and a member from our specialist Commercial Property Insurance team will call you back.

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